"One tiny tweak to the nervous system. 

One giant leap forward in your health, your energy, and your life."

If you’ve ever looked for a highly effective method to looking, feeling and performing your best throughout your life, training with a Z-Health Movement Specialist is likely EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

Z-Health is a cutting-edge curriculum of applied neuroscience dedicated to quickly and dramatically improve physical/mental performance and overall well-being results through the precise application and integration of neuroscience and biomechanics.

Or as Barrett calls it — Brain-Based Fitness.

As a Z-Health Movement Specialist, Barrett will help you target the brain & nervous system to promote optimal movement patterns, and create rapid improvements in every aspect of your life—from pain relief to injury prevention, improved athletic performance, and even mindset shifts. 

Why Brain-Based Fitness?

Targeting the brain and nervous system is the fastest path to improving your movement, mobility, strength, coordination, agility, speed, performance, and even cognitive function.  

Your nervous system is an intricate network of nerves that function as a pathway of communication between your brain and your body. Messages sent within your nervous system to your brain or body make everything you do possible!

This means—how well you move, your level of performance, the energy levels you experience, and even the quality of your physical and metal well-being all stem from how well your brain, nervous system, and body communicate.  

The great news is—your nerves communicate at lightning-fast speed,  AND your brain/nervous system can adapt and create improvements at any age (neuroplasticity). Therefore, by targeting the brain and nervous system, you are able to make rapid changes in your health and performance all throughout life.

3 Key Components within Your Nervous System that Govern Movement:

1. Your Eyes (Visual System)

2. Your Inner Ear (Vestibular System)

3. Your Neural Movement Map (Proprioceptive System)

During your training sessions, Barrett will skillfully incorporate movements that target these key components to help you attain the fitness goals you have!