"My Mission is to help others achieve a higher quality of life by providing the tools and techniques necessary for optimal movement, and well-being"

Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Z-Health Movement Specialist, Barrett Smith, is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast dedicated to helping his clients achieve optimal performance, elite athleticism, functional, healthy, pain-free movement, and a variety of personal well-being goals, both of the mind and body. Barrett strives to motivate and lead clients to success through fun, challenging, personalized, informative, science-based workouts. He is fascinated by the influence of the nervous system on movement, pain, and the functionality of the human body, and continues to study this area for both personal and professional development. His holistic approach to health prioritizes the total well-being of clients, resulting in personally crafted training sessions that help clients feel happier and healthier.

Barrett’s research at Texas State University and Z-Health Performance Solutions, combined with his experience from Can You Barrett Boot Camp, Train 4 the Game, and Pure Austin Fitness, provide him with the background to optimally and effectively train anybody and any body. He continues to pursue further education to build upon an already impressive resume. Since receiving his Bachelors of Exercise and Sports Science in 2014, he has earned 9 different national certifications.


Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science in Health Science & Fitness Management

Z-Health 9S: Speed

Z-Health 9S: Structure 

Z-Health Movement Re-Education Specialist

Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist

Z-Health Movement Performance Specialist

Z-Health Exercise Therapy Specialist

Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA

Areas of Expertise

Strength & Conditioning

Brain-Based Fitness

Functional Neurology

Functional Movement

Pain Management